The Lacy Day Pre-wedding Photography wedding photography wedding videography

Centennial Parkland is located in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, only 6 kilometres away from the CBD. The parklands is one of the top spots in Sydney for wedding photography featuring various habitats and landscapes, from grasslands to woodlands, from native to exotic plants, the list goes on.

The Lacy Day Pre-wedding Photography wedding photography wedding videography

There are many things to do during a pre-wedding photoshoot at the park where there is a wide selection of scenes: under the big old trees for a vintage style, among the forest or orchards to gain a country wedding vibe, setting up a picnic theme on the grassland with a nice bottle of wine and a retro vintage basket filled with sandwiches, pretzels, and whatever you feel right with. Also try to think about the little ‘extra’ you can do with your bridal styling and posing, a boho-chic blanket, a hat, a magazine or book is going to do the trick just right.

Another perk of Centenial Parklands for wedding photography is that it is absolutely animal friendly. If you are to bring your pet to the photoshoot, it is definitely somewhere you should consider as your wedding photography location.

That is not all, there are horse rides available in the parklands at the rate about $200 per hour (the white ones are particular popular and we all know why), which can be a nice little extra to be added into your wedding photography collection.

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