Pre wedding – Kirribilli

Kirribilli is located only 3 kilometres north from Sydney CBD, within short walking distance to Milsons Point and Luna Park. 

Pre wedding – Luna Park

If what you are looking for is a fun and creative background for your pre-wedding photograph, I cannot think of a better place than the good old Luna Park.  Located in Milsons Point, right underneath the famous Harbour Bridge. With Opera House across the water, Luna Park can be an all in one option especially for someone who can only spare a few hours for their wedding photo shoot. Photo shoot inside the park will “Pre wedding – Luna Park”

TheLacyDay pre-wedding

Pre wedding – La Prouse

Famous for its bare island fort and water view, La Prouse is located about 14 kilometers southeast of Sydney CBD.  La Prouse is normally listed as the last location option in a pre-wedding photography session, to make sure the breathtaking sunset moment is captured in the photo. 

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Pre wedding – Milsons Point

Milsons Point is a nice little spot located between the Luna Park and Kirribilli area. With Opera House in the background across the sea, and Harbour bridge in another direction, definitely a perfect stop if you are looking for a little modern urban vibe in your wedding photos. 

Paddington Reservoir Pre-wedding Photography

Pre wedding – Paddington Reservoir

Paddington Reservoir can be a beautiful extra stop to your pre-wedding photography trip, which brings a hint of industrial and historical vibe to your wedding photos. Especially if you are going to Sydney Metro area or Centennial Park for your photo shoot, since it is only 10 mins away. The photo shoot here takes about 1 hour.