The Lacy Day Macquarie Lighthouse Pre-wedding

Pre wedding – Macquarie Lighthouse

Located in the southern head of Watson Bay, Macquarie Lighthouse is by no mistake a beautiful spot to swing by for pre-wedding photoshoot. Built in 1818, Macquarie Lighthouse is the oldest and longest serving lighthouse in Australia. The aesthetic of the architecturedefinitely works wonder as the background of a picture.

Although being one of the most famous attractions in Watsons Bay, tourists tend not to spend too much time around Macquarie Lighthouse, making it somewhat a more relaxing place for the couples to do the photoshoot. After all, taking engagement photos while surrounded by strangers can be a little uncomfortable and awkward.

The Lacy Day Pre-wedding Photography Watsons Bay

It is a pet-friendly location, feel free to go nuts with your little fur buddy.

The Lacy Day Pre-wedding Photography Watsons Bay