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3 Reasons Why You Should Having a Pre-wedding Photoshoot session?

We often get this question from our couples: what is pre-wedding photoshoot? How is it different from my wedding day photography? First of all, we have to make it loud and clear that pre-wedding, or engagement photoshoot is definitely not compulsory. Actually nothing of a wedding is compulsory, because there is no such thing as a “proper wedding”. At The Lacy Day, we are always dedicated to helping our couples to break out of the “3 Reasons Why You Should Having a Pre-wedding Photoshoot session?”

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Pre wedding – Centennial Parklands

Centennial Parkland is located in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, only 6 kilometres away from the CBD. The parklands is one of the top spots in Sydney for wedding photography featuring various habitats and landscapes, from grasslands to woodlands, from native to exotic plants, the list goes on. There are many things to do during a pre-wedding photoshoot at the park where there is a wide selection of scenes: under the big old trees for “Pre wedding – Centennial Parklands”

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Pre wedding – Hickson Road Reserve

Located in The Rocks, surrounded by Sydney Harbour, Harbour Bridge, and Opera House, Hickson Road Reserve has been, for a long time, on the top of must-go-to list whenever someone visits Sydney. It is also, by no doubt, a popular spot for wedding photography with the whole package of some of the best of Sydney at one location. What makes it even better for a wedding photography session is that you don’t have to fight “Pre wedding – Hickson Road Reserve”

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Pre wedding – Watsons Bay

Watson Bay is about 11 km north-east of Sydney CBD with diverse views to capture. There are two light houses to start with, a wharf near to the most famous fish and chips in Sydney. Imaging taking your wedding photos with a bucket of chips in your hand, sitting on the edge of a pier while dipping your feet in the ocean water. The Lacy Day always encourages our couples to embrace their ideas and “Pre wedding – Watsons Bay”

The Lacy Day Macquarie Lighthouse Pre-wedding

Pre wedding – Macquarie Lighthouse

Located in the southern head of Watson Bay, Macquarie Lighthouse is by no mistake a beautiful spot to swing by for pre-wedding photoshoot. Built in 1818, Macquarie Lighthouse is the oldest and longest serving lighthouse in Australia. The aesthetic of the architecturedefinitely works wonder as the background of a picture. Although being one of the most famous attractions in Watsons Bay, tourists tend not to spend too much time around Macquarie Lighthouse, making it somewhat “Pre wedding – Macquarie Lighthouse”