Couture has been the one and only way of having a wedding dress made for centuries, until it becomes too expensive for many young women to afford.

Dedicating to making affordable wedding dresses so that more girls can own their dream couture wedding gowns, The Lacy Day Bridal Boutique prides itself in its own couture approach that sits in between a traditional haute couture and modern made-to-measure.

Couture, by definition means dress making (mostly by hand). It is, in nature, more complicated than made-to-measure that only requires measurements from the brides and the final product will be an exactly same wedding gown as the chosen sample dress.

Traditional couture wedding dress generally requires tremendous efforts from the brides and dressmaker to put together a wedding gown design from scratch. Brides need to decide the style of the bodice, skirt, train, neckline, lace and material of the dress, et cetera at a very early stage. Despite how exciting it sounds to create the one and only wedding dress for one own, it sometimes leads to disappointment because what have been put together on paper may turn out to be rather different to what it was imagined to look like, and therefore may be subject to many many alterations and fittings before the dress is eventually finished.

To make dress-making a more stress and risk free experience, The Lacy Day Bridal Boutique provides couture wedding gown services based on existing samples designed by our in-house designers. Unlike made-to-measure, our brides can alter many details such as the length of the train, change of colour or fabric, adding buttons, belt, beading, lace, et cetera. It is going to be a FUN journey where our brides have a much better idea of what their dress is going to look like, without sacrificing the freedom of wanting it to be the most special and personal dress in the whole world.